Solar Performance During the Summer in Fayetteville

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Solar panel performance depends on a variety of factors, including weather patterns, sunlight hours and shading within your own yard. But a big contributor you might not know about is peak performance compared within different seasons.

Knowing how your solar panel system is likely to perform throughout the year means that you can evaluate your energy needs and plan effectively. Specifically, solar performance during those long, North Carolina summers may affect whether solar energy works for you. Our solar experts can help determine that, but these are the main factors that impact your panel’s solar energy production during the warmest days of the year in Fayetteville!

Longer Daylight Hours

Naturally, the longer the sun shines, the more energy your solar panel system can generate. Since daylight hours are longer in the summer than in the winter, there’s more time for your solar system to convert sunlight into electricity. In North Carolina, the sun will shine for an average of 790 hours during the summer months.

Sunny Weather

In June, July and August, the sun shines for around 10 hours per day. That’s plenty of time for your solar panels to power your home and reap the benefits of living in such a sunny state! Throughout the summer months, your solar panels can harvest the sun’s energy for a substantial amount of time each day, potentially providing enough energy to store in a backup battery or send back to the grid for a potential credit on your electric bill

High Temperatures

It might seem like solar panels would operate more efficiently at higher temperatures, but that’s a common misconception! In fact, when the temperature is too high, it takes more energy to turn solar energy into usable electricity. The average summer temperature in Fayetteville hovers in the upper 80s, which is pretty warm! Luckily, the increased hours of sunlight will more than make up for efficiency loss to heat. This means a Fayetteville solar panel system can still provide a reliable source of renewable energy for your home, even during North Carolina summers.

Embrace the Fayetteville Summer Sun with Pink Energy

Going solar in Fayetteville is a great way to enhance your home’s energy efficiency and potentially reduce your reliance on the grid. Of course, making an informed decision about solar energy is a critical part of deciding whether solar is right for you. To find out more about how solar panels can work for you, contact our team for more information.