Is My Fayetteville Home Well Suited for Solar Panels?

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Adding solar panels to your home is not a decision to be made on a whim, and with good reason! While solar works for a wide range of homeowners, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why the consultation is such an important part of going solar. There are multiple factors that go into whether solar will work for your home, so before you decide to make the leap, consider these points and weigh your options.


First and foremost, a solar panel system will not be a viable option for your home if you don’t get enough sun. If your roof is in full-time shade, a solar system will not be capable of producing the kind of energy necessary to keep your home running. That’s why a solar expert will come and evaluate your home to make sure you won’t be investing in a system that can’t be supported by the sunlight available at your home.

Energy Usage

Your energy usage depends on your lifestyle, your home size, and the number of people using electricity in your home. A solar expert can look at your current power bill and evaluate your usage levels in order to determine what size solar panel system you will need to keep your home running.

Your Energy Goals

When a solar expert evaluates your home, they’ll also discuss your energy goals. Reducing your overall energy consumption is a smart goal for everyone, and there may be some easy tweaks you can make to reduce your electricity usage. Or maybe you forecast a future increase or decrease in electricity use. That can change the number of solar panels you’ll ultimately want to get. Those things can be discussed during your free, in-home consultation.

Your Home Appliances

Depending on the major appliances you use, your energy needs may vary. Some Energy Star appliances use substantially less electricity, while others require more electricity to keep running all day. Based on your home appliances, a solar expert will need to evaluate your home’s baseline energy usage and determine how much solar energy will fulfill your needs.

See If Solar Works For Your Fayetteville Home

Solar is one of the best green energy options available, and it’s more than likely a viable option for you! A consultation with a Pink Energy expert will ensure that your home’s energy needs are met effectively and that your solar panel system is installed correctly. With our high-quality panels and industry expertise, you can rest assured that your home will successfully run on solar for years to come.